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"...Sacramento legends Restrayned and they were the perfect band to pump up the crowd. They are one of the reasons that metal/hard rock is not dead because it is still alive and well at the local level and if you have witnessed their show you would know why. Having dealt two stellar albums, Not Human and A Dark New Day, they are seriously primed for national recognition. Johnny Rowland fronts this voracious outfit and they plowed through their seven song set. Not Human was heavily focused on with Screaming In The Night, The Fallen, Not Human as well as Edge Of The World and back to the full length debut with Rise Again and Some Will Be Saved and closing with Denying the Demons. If you need a fix that harkens back to the glory days Ozzy, Dio ect with a modern punch then you need Restrayned".

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"Restrayned are not at all (restrained): Ace of Spades, 23 August..."

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"I describe this band as European Metal, with their dual vocals, synchronized guitar leads and artfully crafted songs. Restrayned came out rockin' and didn't slow down"...  Read the full article

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Winner of the 2012 Album of the Year!

Classic guitar and great vocals. The album includes the 2011 Song of the Year "Remember". The Award was selected by a panel including members of Classic Rock bands, music professionals and listeners of the radio station.Restrayned is one of the hottest new bands in the country and I expect the same great quality in future ablums. A Dark New Day is one of the best albums of 2012.

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Rock band Restrayned boasts a heavy dose of melodic old school metal with a hint of the new style. ... Read the full article

Restrayned's sound is a nod to the old-school heavy metal that first inspired them... It reflects the twin influences of melodic metal from the 80s (think Queensryche), and the hard-hitting, straight-up heavy metal (like Slayer). - Read the full article